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GoToMyComputer offers anyone a way to access their PC or Mac in a real-time way utilizing an image of the desktop of one computer on another computer. This allows anyone to be able to work with their files, network, and any other programs associated with one computer from a far away distance as though they were sitting right there at the desk containing that computer.

Go To My Computer works in three simple steps as follows:

1.    Download Software: One download will allow you to begin to start remotely accessing your files one computer from another.
2.    Log Into a Different Computer: Once you download the Go To My Computer software, you then set up the system by logging into the computer you wish to access.
3.    Get to Work: Once you are logged into the computer of your choice, you can get to work. You can obtain files, drag and drop files, upload files, and even remotely print all on a real time basis.

All of the action that takes place while you are using the remote access software is kept safe by way of 128-bit encryption. That means that even if someone was able to access any of the information that you are in the process of retrieving, they would only get a bunch of mixed up characters that make no sense. This mess can only be unscrambled when it reaches you. Additionally, Go To My Computer locks the keyboard and mouse of the computer that is being remotely accessed making it impossible for anyone else to affect any unauthorized changes. offers a 30-day free trial to anyone who asks for it. This allows you ample time to try out all the features of the software and then decide for yourself if you wish to pay for the service.

Go To My Computer access also allows you the unique ability to access your computer remotely using one of many different handheld devices. This can be done using any mobile device that features a Windows operating system on it. So, you don’t even have to carry your laptop with you in order to access your files if you don’t want to.

Go To My C0mputer has several ways in which you can access their customer support team. You can e-mail them and usually get a response fairly quickly, you can chat with them in real-time on their website, or you can call them toll free on a 24/7 basis. That means that if something does go wrong, or you just want to ask a question, help is not far away. also offers many video tutorials to help you with the many features that they offer. This lets you to watch how to use a feature and then execute it for yourself.

Having total control and total access to your computer files anytime you want is no longer a thing of the past. With companies like offing remote PC access, you can quickly and easily get access to your files no matter what time of the day it might or where you may find yourself.

Try GoToMyPC FREE – The easiest way to access your Mac® or PC from anywhere.

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